Tuition & Fees

2021-2022 Registration Fees
General Program  PK2 - 8th GRADE $425 Annually*
SJPII Program  K - 8th GRADE $950 Annually*
Trinity Enrichment Program  3rd - 8th GRADE $635 Annually*
2021-2022 General Program Tuition Fees
PK2 - PK4 $7,725 Annually
K - 5th GRADE $7,425 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE $7,625 Annually
2021-2022 SJPII Program Tuition Fees
K - 5th GRADE  Mathematics $9,125 Annually
K - 5th GRADE  Reading & Language Arts $10,825 Annually
K - 5th GRADE  Reading, Language Arts, & Math $12,625 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE  Mathematics $9,325 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE  Reading & Language Arts $11,025 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE  Reading, Language Arts, & Math $12,825 Annually
2021-2022 Trinity Enrichment Program Tuition Fees
3rd - 5th GRADE  Mathematics $8,425 Annually
3rd - 5th GRADE  Reading & Language Arts $9,475 Annually
3rd - 5th GRADE  Reading, Language Arts, & Math $10,475 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE  Mathematics $8,625 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE  Reading & Language Arts $9,675 Annually
6th - 8th GRADE  Reading, Language Arts, & Math $10,675 Annually

* If re-registering after February 11th, a $100 late fee will be assessed.

Families requesting financial assistance are required to complete an application through FACTS Grant & Aid.



New families can sign up for FACTS Tuition Management and existing families can access their account by clicking on the link below:

Blessed Trinity FACTS Tuition Management Portal


Since the stability of our school and the quality of its programs are of utmost importance, we are always seeking ways to make improvements to benefit everyone. We have partnered with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program. FACTS is used by many schools locally and over 5,000 schools nationally. We are excited to be working with them and are confident this program will offer greater efficiency, audit controls, and financial stability for the school while providing convenience and financial transparency to our families.

This program is intended to streamline tuition payments and create greater access and communication for all. FACTS Consumer Portal enables you to check your account online anytime. You can review payment history, next scheduled payment, pay on-line or change accounts. 

Each account has the option of having its tuition deducted on the 5th or the 20th of the month.  Families select if they would like their tuition deducted from their checking account, savings account, or credit card.  Please be aware that if you choose the credit card option, FACTS will assess an additional service fee. 

All families must create a FACTS account as FACTS will be the only option available for tuition payment. Once enrolled in FACTS, your account will automatically roll over for the following school year. If you wish to make any changes to your Financial Account, you must submit them 10 business days prior to your payment date. To read frequently asked questions click here. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Escanaverino from the school office here.