BTS offers an integrated approach to learning that encourages academic challenge, as part of our Catholic intellectual tradition.  Along with our academic curriculum, we also provide abundant opportunities to participate in athletics and the arts with meaningful face-to-face community service and a strong spiritual foundation. We work with parents, students, and faculty to provide the best learning environment for each child. In short, we have a holistic approach to education, and prepare our graduates to attend the top high schools in the area. 

BTS faculty, many of whom are studying or have earned advanced degrees, regularly go beyond the classroom, and continue their own learning and professional development, so they can bring what they’ve learned back to students.  They participate in out-of-the-box learning experiences, and maintain personal connections with our students, acting as mentors and role models.

Our learning support program offers the student in need early intervention, small group/one-on-one instruction, frequency of support, consistency of staff, and communication within the school and with parents. Click on the various programs above to learn more!