Principal's News

Dear Prospective Parent, 

Begun in 1957, Blessed Trinity Catholic School has been offering high quality Catholic education and focusing on academic excellence for more than 60 years. Located in the heart of Miami, in Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, we are a vibrant, energetic, parochial school.  Our faculty and staff are comprised of dedicated professionals who truly witness our school’s mission statement of nurturing the transforming power of the teachings of Christ through academic excellence and servant discipleship.  We value the trust that you, the parents, place in us and work in partnership with you to provide your child with a family atmosphere that fosters a love of God and one another.  

Blessed Trinity Catholic School is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference.  We offer instructional technology, I-boards in our classrooms, our curriculum planning is data driven, and we have a 10:1 student to staff ratio.  Understanding that every child has educational needs that are unique, our St. John Paul II program caters to the personal requirements of students with special needs.  Our Trinity Enrichment program serves the needs of our gifted students.  We are anchored in academics.

We make servant discipleship a way of life and our students complete service projects that carry them beyond the walls of our school into the community.  We are blessed in service.

Every activity throughout our day begins and ends with prayer.  By choosing Blessed Trinity for your child, you would be investing in your child’s future at a school that is centered in Christ.

We accept the McKay, AAA, Gardiner, and Step-Up Scholarships. 

This year to meet the challenges of COVID-19, we invested in individual desk shields for each student, we invested in air purifiers for each classroom, we required our faculty, staff, and students to always wear face masks and maintain social distance.  Additionally, we have offered on-campus and online learning so as to accommodate to the needs of our individual families and most vulnerable.

I invite you to apply for admission to Blessed Trinity and let us be your child’s home away from home where they will build relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.  

Father Matias, our pastor, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Cougar Nation!  Come join us!

Yours in Christ,

Susy Del Riego