Mrs. Kenna to present at two national conferences in 2024!

In the coming weeks, Mrs. Silvia Kenna, our Curriculum Specialist, will be co-presenting at two national conferences. Mrs. Kenna earned a Master of Science Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in May of 2021 and has continued to hone her craft by attending and presenting at professional development conferences. 

The first national conference will take place from March 20th to 23rd, 2024 in Denver.  She will be co-presenting her nanoscience curriculum at the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Conference.  This is a curriculum she co-developed with 2 other senior fellows from the University of Notre Dame's STEM Teaching Fellowship Program. Her session, "How Small Is Small? Bringing Nanoscience into the Classroom" will instruct other teachers on how to bring current research being done in the universities to their own 5th-8th grade classrooms. The curriculum package she will be sharing has already been implemented here at Blessed Trinity.  

Then from April 2nd to the 4th, she will fly to Pittsburgh and co-present a session on "Developing STREAM Integrated Units".  Mrs. Kenna's session will instruct other Catholic teachers about the elements of a STREAM integrated unit and guide them through the process of developing their own effective STREAM lessons.  This will take place at the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) 2024 Conference. The NCEA Convention is the largest private-education association gathering in the nation and includes professional development sessions built around topics such as community, Christ-centered learning, character, service, and commitment. 

We are proud to have Mrs. Kenna representing Blessed Trinity Catholic School at these conventions and are extremely proud of her professionalism, and her love for Catholic education.  

Cougars Bring Home 13 Medals from St. Brendan Academic Olympics!

The BTS Middle School students competed in the St. Brendan High School Academic Olympics on Wednesday, October 19th.  


We would like to congratulate the following students for their accomplishments:


Christian Tamargo:  3rd place in Mathematics

Gianluca Rua:  3rd place in Art

Damian Navarro:  2nd place in English

Alessandra Perez:  1st place in Mathematics

Javier Veiguela:  2nd place in Science

Matthew Bustamante:  2nd place in Social Studies

Kristen Rodriguez:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts

Isaiah Trelles:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts

Ryan Badillo:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts

Sophia Estrada:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts

Rachelle Ghalloub:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts

Salma Ghalloub:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts

Andrea Galiana:  3rd place in Visual Performing Arts


Go Cougars!

Cougars Bring Home 21 Medals from Columbus Academic Olympics!

The BTS 8th grade class competed in the 43rd annual Academic Olympics at Christopher Columbus High School on Wednesday, October 12th. Of the 29 students who participated, 21 medaled in their category. We would like to congratulate the following students for their accomplishments:


- Lola Bustamante- 1st place in English

- Damian Navarro- 1st place in English

- Sophia Garcia- 2nd place in History

- Matthew Bustamante- 3rd place in History

- Alessandra Perez- 1st place in Mathematics

- Cristian Tamargo- 1st place in Mathematics

- Kamila Cardonne- 2nd place in Theology

- Isaiah Trelles- 1st place in Theology

-Jayden Sanchez- 3rd place in Science

- Sophia Estrada- 2nd place in Drama

- Isabella Limardo- 3rd place in Music

-Mya Morejon- 3rd place in Physical Education

-Camila Andreu- 1st place in Physical Education

-Jacob Ayash- 3rd place in Physical Education

-Jose Rivera, Madelyn Perez, and Jacob Sanchez- 2nd place in General Skills

-Samantha Sousa- 3rd place in Art

-Alexander Gomez, Andrea Galiana, and Santiago Trujillo- 3rd place in STEM challenge


We are so proud of our Cougars!! Congratulations to our students and teachers for representing us so well!


All things Nano!

This summer, three Senior Fellows were immersed in all things nano during their week-long Residency on campus at Notre Dame University.  Our own Mrs. Silvia Kenna was one of the three chosen for this. We are excited to see how her ideas will be put to use with our curriculum.

Two of our Teachers Presented at a National Conference

Blessed Trinity Catholic School is proud to announce that two of our teachers were selected to present at the National Catholic Educational Association 2022 Convention. Mrs. Silvia Kenna and Mr. Gabriel Cambert presented "Engaging All Students Through Productive Talk" at the Convention this April for Catholic teachers and administrators from across the country. Their session focused on the instructional uses of productive classroom discussions across all grade levels and subject areas to empower students to find their voices, thereby constructing their own learning. We are so proud of their accomplishments and are blessed to have our school nationally represented!

Our Open House was a Success!


We look forward to welcoming our new families for the upcoming school year. Our Open House was a very important time to get to know these families and for them to get to know us.

In addition to our academic and extracurricular programs, one of the things that makes us stand out is the familial atmosphere, love, and personal attention we give each of our students and families.

If you missed the Open House, contact the school office at 305-871-5766 to arrange a tour.

Christmas Buddy Reading Fun

Christmas was celebrated on Wednesday, December 15th 2021 with a pajama day. We also had a buddy reading activity where students in grades 3rd - 8th were asked to bring in a Christmas book to read to their little buddy in the lower grades. They also brought in snacks and treats to share with their buddy. 

STREAM Day Guest Speaker & Artist Extraordinaire

We celebrated National STREAM DAY by dressing up as our favorite STREAM careers and representing our favorite STREAM disciplines. We were blessed to have a guest speaker, Natalie Plasencia Calvo, come speak to our students about her work as an artist. Natalie is a BTS alumna, parent, and parishioner. Her art may be found across many churches in our Archdiocese, and Natalie was recently featured in the Florida Catholic. Today she shared how her art is created through the lens of religion and involves much science and math. Thank you Natalie, @natalieplasenciafineart, for your beautiful testimony to the power of STREAM as a force for good.

Notre Dame Senior STEM Fellows

This past summer, our school's STREAM team - Melissa Dietz, Gabriel Cambert, and Silvia Kenna - traveled back to the University of Notre Dame campus for the STEM Trustey Fellowship Capstone Program. During this time, they experienced authentic STEM-integrated lessons, delved deeper into institutional equity work, and planned the future of STREAM education at our school from a sustainability perspective. During this culminating experience, they also transitioned into Senior Fellows. Current plans include the return of a fan-favorite event: Hallow-STREAM. Additionally, they eagerly look forward to advancing our school’s STREAM accreditation.

Congratulations Nicole! We're headed to Harvard...

We congratulate Nicole Calderon, Blessed Trinity Class of 2017, who is the Valedictorian of Our Lady of Lourdes High School! Nicole is headed to Harvard University. We are so proud of her accomplishments!

Natalie Verdiguel (c/o 2013) now heads to Cornell

Congratulations to Blessed Trinity alumna Natalie Verdiguel ('13) on graduating from the University of Central Florida! We wish Natalie continued success as she embarks to Cornell for her masters. God Bless!

NJHS Induction

On Wednesday, April 28th, the Induction Ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society was held.  Please join me as we congratulate the following students on their character, scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and service.  These are the 5 pillars of the society.

-Mrs. Del Riego


Current Members:  Giovanna Khoury, Andrea Lavin, Karina Martinez, Natalia Perez, Anthony Scarcello, Madison Zayas, Sofia Dean, Geana Escanverino, Ana Scarcello,  and Aliette Vazquez

Inductees:  Isabella Travieso, Lola Bustamante, Kamila Cardonne, Alessandra Perez,  and Liam Veizaga

First Communion Retreat

Our Second Grade students participated in a beautiful retreat in preparation for their First Holy Communion.

As part of the retreat, they were shown the different areas of the Church and the meaning and reason of our rituals.

Student Reflection on the Stations of the Cross

We are in the final days of Lent; and soon, we will be rejoicing in the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In order to prepare ourselves for Easter, not only do we need to pray for the forgiveness of our sins and work to have a close relationship with Jesus but we also need to commemorate His Passion. Every year at Blessed Trinity, the 7th. graders act out the Stations of the Cross which depicts Jesus' journey to His crucificxion; and ultimately, His earthly death for all our sins.


Since I am still a virtual learner, I wasn't able to be in person with my peers and act out the Stations of the Cross; however, it was never the less exciting since I was able to be one of the narrators. In my opinion, being a narrator was the best role I could have asked for because I led the whole school in prayer and was able to explain two of the Stations as well. Our 7th. grade class is a small one; but today, we were united in providing the whole school not only time away from their classrooms but also a tiny glimpse on how our Redeemer gave His life for us sinners. More so, being a narrator gave me a better appreciation and understanding of the Passion of Christ and how much God loves us. God loves us so much that He was willing to give His only Son for our salvation; now, that's love!


Even though the Stations of the Cross are sad and solemn since it is about Jesus' death, it also brings joy and hope because on the third day, He resurrects and gives us eternal life. This experience brought so much joy to my heart knowing that I did a little something for Jesus and couldn't help but to feel that while He was looking down on us portraying the Passion, He was smiling at His children. However, this portrayal was not easy to put together; and as a class, we faced difficulties. But with all the obstacles, it all came together; and together, we united to make this portrayal as successful as we possibly could.


In conclusion, this has been an unforgettable experience. When I look back at this moment, I will remember it with fondness and will remember what Jesus said, "Father, into your hands, I commend My Spirit". I, also, want and will commend my spirit to God because I know He wants nothing more than to bring me closer to Him and to protect me. I am grateful and blessed to have been able to partake in portraying this historical event!



Pi Day Celebrations

On Friday, March 12, 2021 Blessed Trinity Catholic School celebrated Pi Day. Pi Day officially takes place on March 14,  but due to March 14 landing on a Sunday our school celebrated Pi Day on the Friday before. During Blessed Trinity Catholic School’s Pi Day celebration we made sure that everyone was able to have fun while following Covid-19 regulations and rules. The school held many activities for both the online and in-person students in school. The activities went from calmly reading Pi Day books to the students, to super fun obstacles! Some of the funnest things were the challenges the school held for the students as well. The students were able to participate in a social distancing pie eating competition, and a competition to see who could memorize the most digits of Pi. This Pi Day was very fun for all of Blessed Trinity’s students, teachers and staff. Blessed Trinity is so happy that everyone was able to have fun especially during these Covid times. While we also thank everyone for working so hard on Pi Day we can’t forget to thank Mrs. Kenna for leading and setting up this whole Pi Day extravaganza.


First Penance

On February 19th, our Second Grade students received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. It was a beautiful sight to see!

Cougar Caravanning

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Blessed Trinity's principal, teachers, and HSA president have been caravanning to visit virtual students at their homes after school. The students enjoyed meeting their new principal and interacting with their teachers face-to-face. We know that virtual learning can be difficult. We want our students to know that we care, even if they are not currently on our campus. This is one way we have been able to express how our love for our students extends beyond the building.

Class of 2021 Academic Olympics

An annual tradition amongst local high Catholic high schools is to host academic Olympics.  Eighth graders from across the Archdiocese of Miami are invited to compete at the various high schools.  Students compete by taking exams and earning scores that determine whether they will earn a Gold, a Silver, or a Bronze medal in their chosen subject.  The elementary schools are limited in the number of students who may participate, and so different students are usually chosen to participate in the various high schools.  This year, due to COVID-19, the only academic Olympics that took place were those hosted by Christopher Columbus.  These Olympics were hosted for students across the Archdiocese earlier in the year.  The Blessed Trinity Cougars participated, and we brought home 16 medals in total!

In the subject of Religion, two Silver medals were won by Ethan Sanchez and Ivelisse Garcia each.  A bronze medal was brought home by Sergio Hernandez.

Our very own Sophia Silva won the Gold medal for Art.

In the General Knowledge category, teamwork made the dream work.  Rafaela De Morais, Sarah Fox, Nicholas Matamorros, and Isabella Travieso teamed up to bring home a Silver medal.

Social Studies saw us earning two Silver medals and one Gold medal by Dylan Perez, Leah McGregor, and Sofia Olivieri respectively.

In the Drama category, Brandon Perez and Andrea Lavin took Gold and Amanda Crews sealed the deal with a Bronze medal.

In Spanish we augmented our winnings by having Manuel Cepero earn a Silver medal and Lucia Urdaneta-Svoboda earn a Gold medal.

All in all, we could not possibly be any prouder of our students and their accomplishments.  Our team of teachers who have worked with many of these students since some were in Kindergarten, have proven themselves to be true masters of their art.  Our students have represented us incredibly well in the academic field year after year.  This year we feel blessed to highlight their accomplishments as we look to them succeeding and achieving new heights in the high school of their choice.

Field Day

This year, our Cougar field day was held in true 2020 fashion! Students participated in fun, Covid safe activities that allowed them to run, play, laugh, and compete in the Catholic spirit! Some students loved the 100 meter sprint relay while others shined on the obstacle course. Our virtual students even participated at home simultaneously with our on-campus learners. To add to the fun, our awesome teachers took part in some of the events as well. A teachers versus administration egg-on-the-spoon relay race, crowned the office staff victorious! The students loved to watch their teachers play and it was very rewarding to watch the students relax and forget the stresses of the year. The day ended with a cotton candy surprise and it is safe to say that our Cougar family had a truly memorable day!